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How to Build a Healthy Meal at Your Local Seafood Spot

Aug 20, 2020 | Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant

Casual seafood eateries often get the reputation of serving friend food and only fried food. While we totally love a fried shrimp po’boy or a fried fish sandwich, it’s smart to cut calories once in a while. If you pop into Dockside Seafood while on a diet, we have craveable options without the greasy guilt. Here’s how to indulge in delicious food without feeling overly full:

Any of Our Baskets Can be Healthy (with a Little Self Control!)

The urge to order fries or hush puppies instead of slaw is very real. Healthy eating starts with a little discipline, especially when your options are this good. Most of our seafood baskets come fried, blackened or grilled. Choose one of the latter paired with slaw for a low-calorie meal you’ll love. 

To help make the choice a little easier, we broke down the calorie comparisons for you. A serving of fried fish has around 400 calories, while a serving of grilled fish comes in at 125 calories. 

Creative Salads are a Speciality at Dockside Seafood

We know about a whole lot more than fresh fish and good beer. Our menu features three filling salads: Seared Tuna and Spinach, Shrimp Louie and Caesar. Do you want to hear the best news ever? Blackened/grilled shrimp, fish or chicken can be added to any salad. 

Plenty of diners want a little more than a salad for their meal. If this sounds like you, opt for a healthy side or starter to accompany your greens. Bacon black-eyed peas or cocktail pimiento cheese spread are low-carb options that pair well. 

Build a Meal Out of Healthy Sides or Starters

One of the best things about a seafood restaurant is the sides. If someone in your group is a bit wary of fish, an assortment of sides is a great alternative. A few of our favorite health(ish) options include bacon collard greens, cucumber and tomato salad and green beans. A combination of these three still offers protein and a great balance of flavors. 

Another ideal choice is to order a couple of starters to create your meal. Our appetizers are big enough to share, so keep your appetite in mind when ordering! Smoked fish dip and peel & eat shrimp are two healthy favorites everyone loves. 

Visit Dockside Seafood for Fresh, Locally Sourced Dishes

Our counter service seafood spot is conveniently situated on the Intracoastal Waterway in Jax Beach. Whether you’re coming straight from the boat or planning a casual dinner out, Dockside Seafood is the place to be. 

Check out our healthy menu options and more next time you visit! We look forward to serving you.