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3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Winter Fishing Trip

Nov 28, 2020 | Lifestyle

Coldwater fishing trips are often some of the most enjoyable and most successful. A lower temperature, less intense sunlight and a less-trafficked waterway make for a great day to toss a line. The team here at Dockside Seafood has lived around water our whole lives. From expert fishermen to novice surfers, we know a thing or two about winter days on the water. Here are our top tips to read before you head out on the boat this season:

Smart layers: prepare for Florida’s changing weather

Every Floridian knows the morning temperature starkly contrasts than what you’ll end up with during the afternoon. Curated layers are one of the best decisions you can make before heading out on your trip. Depending on the time of year, we recommend three layers to keep you comfortable during sunrise. 

A UV-protectant t-shirt as your base layer, followed by a quarter zip jacket and topped with a coat or hoodie. The same thing goes for your pants. Opt for pants that can zip off into shorts or simply layer the latter underneath the former. Shed the layers as the temperature heats up. 

The sun is still strong! Stay safe with SPF

Fishermen so frequently forget to apply sunscreen. Even though you aren’t drenched in sweat from the summer heat, the intensity of the sun can be just as strong. Use a buff around your neck, wear a hat and apply SPF 50 to your face, ears, lips and exposed limbs. 

Make sure the base layer of clothing you select includes SPF elements. While this type of fishing gear is often more expensive, it’s always worth it when it comes to preserving your health. 

Get the right bait for colder water catches

This one requires a little bit of research. The bait you use in the Intracoastal in November varies greatly from what you’d use in the ocean on the same day. Talk with a local fishing guide, do a quick Google and bring a few different options when you hit the water. 

Jacksonville fishermen are in for a treat when they cast a line between September and December. If you like to catch Bull Redfish, prepare to reap the benefits of their annual spawn in the St. Johns River and surrounding creeks. 

Chat with Dockside Seafood’s Resident Fishing Experts this Fall

We may not be pros, but we know a thing or two about orchestrating a good catch. From the research and bait selection to finally filleting your catch, our crew is here for you. Pop into Dockside Seafood for fresh lunch, a beer and great conversation. We can’t wait to see you this fall!