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3 Southern Sides that Have Been Popular for Centuries

Jan 25, 2021 | Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant

Southerners have masterfully prepared hearty food for hundreds of years. It’s no secret we all have a pension for butter, salt and bacon fat. There is rarely a meal that isn’t made better by these three ingredients. From fresh collard greens to creamy mashed potatoes, Dockside Seafood pays homage to popular sides throughout the year. Read on for a few of our favorite sides to accompany any southern dish:

Bacon Collard Greens

Like we said…bacon just makes everything better. Greens have held an important spot on the table for a long time. In fact, folklore says that collard greens paired with black-eyed peas are a lucky dish to eat on New Year’s Day. How did this important dish come about, exactly?

While collard greens are a staple in southern cuisine, they actually date back to prehistoric times. They’ve been a favored dish by the ancient Greeks, the Brits in the 4th Century B.C. and African slaves in the southern colonies. The dish we know and love today is likely an adaptation of countless different cultures and preparations. 

Fried Okra

This versatile veggie is best served deep-fried, in our opinion. Okra is a tropical herb added to soups, used to thicken sauces and paired with different meats. It’s been a staple in the south since the 1700s and has since taken many forms. 

Dockside seafood loves to pair our fried okra with steamed shrimp or a fresh catch sandwich. Because it isn’t the lightest side dish in the world, you might prefer to eat it alongside a protein that isn’t breaded. But hey, we definitely aren’t judging. 

Hush Puppies

We love hush puppies as a side OR a starter. Fried dough pops up in southern dishes of all kinds. From funnel cakes to fried fish, there a million ways to use hot oil to make food even better. While the history of hush puppies and the unique name is difficult to follow, it likely originates in South Carolina. They gained popularity when featured in large cookbooks in the 1930s. 

Dip your hush puppies in tartar sauce, ketchup or any variety of creamy sauces. There’s really no right or wrong way to do it. We serve a couple of hush puppies alongside many of our dishes because they’re that good. 

Come Try All Three at Dockside Seafood

We have no doubt you’ll love our take on these three classics. We stay true to the classic preparation passed down by southern cooks before us, but always add our own twist when appropriate. 
Come visit our simple and delicious seafood shack right on the Intracoastal. Enjoy your freshly prepared meal as gorgeous boats pass through the marina. Check out our menu here to plan your meal before your visit!